Why Netoge Crock “The Future of fear that the new drag cause” or dead

This corner to introduce the urban legend from “urban legend overkill” that was aired on July 25, 2014.


What could have heard the word Netoge Crock. It is the person who interfere with social life and too addicted to the net game and Netoge Crock. That you are of course widely known that people not stick to the job, but I Toka Some people go on an errand in the room time to go to the toilet otherwise even a waste.


Meanwhile, people who died while doing the net game is it’re overseas.

· Who sudden death disease that is by continuing stay in the same position with the game in 12 hours sedentary

Homebound-week Internet cafe, sleep time who overwork death there is only 10 hours only between

That there are such. Why do they might have been able to focus so much time.


In fact, new drugs called smart drugs that are becoming epidemic in the world. It is said that the drag is a component similar to the medicine of dementia, and it has the effect of increasing the concentration and memory in healthy people that are taking.

However, it told me that he has led to the deaths, such as in the above as its price. Has been said yet is afraid, that there is hallucinogenic is that medicine, it is the fraught possibility that indiscriminate and reality and the game is no longer tell if you use in order to 続きを読む

Secret of the linear motor car plan

This corner to introduce the urban legend from “urban legend overkill” that was aired on July 25, 2014.


Plan that connects the Nagoya and Tokyo have started construction linear motor car.

Now, practice that is shortened to 40 minutes over Tokyo Nagoya between needed 1 hour and 40 minutes is was standing is scheduled for 2027, when opened.


Progress is extremely slow plan of the linear motor car.

Maglev has been talked about as a new means of transport, second only to the Shinkansen from around Osaka Expo in the 1970s has its concept from a few decades ago, but it is of a stage that was construction still today more than 40 years has elapsed. 続きを読む

Tragedy Tokugawa 16 Daishogun visionary “Tokugawa Ie-tachi”

This corner to introduce the urban legend from “urban legend overkill” that was aired on July 25, 2014.


Speaking of generals at the end of the Tokugawa family, it should answer all the “Tokugawa Yoshinobu”. Returns the real power to the Meiji government from the Tokugawa Shogunate in Taiseihokan, national governance of the Tokugawa shogunate was supposed to have ended. However, it was supposed to be the next Shogun originally, there was a man named Tokugawa Ie-tachi the Tokugawa family.


15 Daishogun, that Tokugawa Ie-tachi is he was supposed to be Shogun Tokugawa house last into a family figure, but the seat of 15 DaiTokugawa Shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu in that it was 3 years old at the timing of the 15 shogun appointed it has become that you vacate.
Then, a Taiseihokan, the reign of the Meiji government will come Tokugawa shogunate. It is a modernization of Japan.


Chance Tokyo first mayor
Then, the flow moves towards the Shizuoka is Tokugawa house I had been treated as a nobleman, had a chance of reversing the Tokugawa Ie-tachi. I was waiting and opportunities Koshitantan is visiting Tokugawa Ie-tachi you want to keep the name in history. And the first chance came was a post of Tokyo mayor.

Tokugawa can govern the Edo = Tokyo again!

Tokugawa Ie-tachi that advanced to the verge job offer when it was supposed to decide the first mayor of the city of Tokyo. Mayor almost certain. At that time, Yokoyari entered “Now, it should not be out in the table Tokugawa family,” he said. “Tokugawa If the return to the world of politics, it must be a national governance”. Said so that was Kaishu Katsu. Tokugawa Ie-tachi gave up a mayor appointed by the words that were said from Kaishu Katsu.


Chance Prime Minister of second
The Maimodori to the center stage of history even after several decades have passed to give up the mayor, the Tokugawa Ie-tachi was aware that leave a name in history. Meanwhile, Yamamoto Gonbee Cabinet has become dissolved in the scandal. Chance of a lifetime came to Tokugawa Ie-tachi it is “Prime Minister”. Offer of Prime Minister is came to Tokugawa Ie-tachi at that track record and pedigree is good from the Emperor.

Tokugawa Maimodoreru again to reign in Japan!

However, Yokoyari enters here. It is the opposite of the Tokugawa clan from. Once again, the Tokugawa Ie-tachi that had been crushed a chance tearfully opinion negative of “have failed once in the Edo shogunate, the name of the house is dirty repeated failures anymore Tokugawa”.



Chance Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee of the third
The other, … chance do not call. Last chance came under the Tokugawa Ie-tachi that had been thought. It is a “Tokyo Olympic chairman”. However, Tokyo Olympics that would also be crushed is he was canceled.

Tokyo Olympics which is well known in 1969. Actually Tokyo Olympics is had been planned in 1940 for the ’29 before. It is a war of the Sino-Japanese war and the reasons for the Tokyo Olympics was supposed to be the Olympics in Asia for the first time has been canceled. After that, Japan will be able to advance to the second World War.


If you do not come back later closed down? | Disney urban legend

When I went to Disneyland, the person who made ​​the experience that you would never want to leave would not a few. However, it marked the time of the closed down because it is a theme park and even a Disneyland, it is no longer shall not go back if accustomed to night. So, what will become of you if you do not go home closed down after the Disneyland?


I confined into a narrow space-time

If you stay up also closed down after Disneyland in some urban legend, that get trapped in the space-time of Hazama. Even in bright daylight hours, country Disneyland dream gives the guest the impression that another world is the real world. It is not surprising also is said to be confined into a narrow space-time beyond the dream it becomes a state of midnight, all attractions has stopped.


Cast of the mystery comes to look for

When I stay up also closed down after Disneyland, I hear there was a person who was hiding under the bench. Then footsteps of the cast is from somewhere. And, cast these in a high-pitched voice.

“Sign of life is kana to why Haha~tsu!? But not guest anymore!”


Photo montage of three hundred million yen criminal incident

Three hundred million yen staff salary of Toshiba Fuchu factory was robbed, three hundred million yen incident.

Incident that had greeted the aging, so in 1988, date of ’25 is not flowing just in this year. So such as drama black coach’s has become a hot topic.

2,556 days, large-scale investigation of the unusual and 117,951 spectators had not been subject to investigation the number of days that have been applied to the investigation of the three hundred million yen incident, but the culprit is was not found after all.

Montage to have been created real culprit, but I did not find the end.

Three hundred million yen incident photomontage 1


Three hundred million yen incident photomontage 1


300 million yen incident photomontage 2

Three hundred million yen incident photomontage 2

Investigator saw the montage of the perpetrator of three hundred million yen incident real culprit of three hundred million yen incident as stated its face was stunned because he was a face familiar with their own, even in the article of three hundred million yen incident the previous and he was the son of a police upper echelon. So is three hundred million yen incident actually educated guess of the culprit had been attached to the second day of the occurrence, but the son of the police the upper part had committed suicide in potassium cyanide.

Then the three hundred million yen incident, it is not greet the aging culprit is not found after all.


Truth 2 of 300 million yen incident

Drama “Kurokochi” begins, attention has been focused on a 300 million yen incident. I introduced the urban legend of the 300 million yen incident titled truth of the 300 million yen incident, but to introduce the rumors surrounding 300 million yen affair for Another theory this time.

There is a theory that’s Komohakarigoto by the Government 300 million yen incident. At the time, the student movement has flourished in the latter half of the 1960s. University students have conducted a demonstration of anti-government struggle of security, it has been a problem as a function of educational institutions are often sealed. In addition, the Japanese government was afraid that the demonstration of security struggle that has spread from students to spread across the country.

So, doing to efficiently collect information of key people has become a leader of the student movement, the government wanted to converge the situation as soon as possible. However, to find a leader of security struggle among the students who are hundreds of thousands of people was not an easy task. Therefore, he filed a 300 million yen incident. If it is a just cause that incident a lot of money that 300 million yen has been deprived, suspicious person on the grounds that excuse could easily questioned. It is said the number of people who received the investigation in 300 million yen incident related to the as many as 10 002 thousand people, and Takada Junji of talent and Fuse Akira singer also included among those who have been questioned that had been.

Government that he was allowed to converge the demo that is a collection of information was a student leader role of the student movement in the investigation of 300 million yen incident, crush under water them.


> I read the truth of 300 million yen incident


[Details of the 300 million yen incident]

An armored car that has been put is 300 million yen bonus for employees to Fuchu factory (Toshiba current) from Tokyo Shibaura Electric (Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ current) Nippon Trust Bank Limited was running.

When an armored car was passing by the back of the Fuchu prison, I was stopped by police motorcycle. Since there is a possibility that the branch manager’s house Sugamo bank branches of “you are blasting, explosives are planted also in the car, and me let me examine to the driver of an armored car cop motorcycle is (criminal) is referred to as the “. I gave away from the wholesale cars from car driver us.

Issue the smoke ignite the white Ento that had previously, it is allowed to save the people who have gathered in and around the driver, the culprit was the departure car. The driver of an armored car is still misunderstood and cop the culprit, it seems to have thought brave cop defended people from explosives. 続きを読む

Truth of the 300 million yen incident

Incidents that have been handed down as a mystery still Showa maximum, movie was also the difference is 300 million yen incident. 300 million yen incident is a case in which an armored car is attacked by someone in the incident that occurred in 1968, 300 million yen has been looted. And that as much as 2 billion yen when converted to monetary value now is 300 million yen at the time.

In which is taken up in a big way this incident, there was also opinion arrests that only a matter of time before there many physical evidence, 300 million yen incident had reached the aging culprit without being arrested after all the media at the time. It is a general theory of the police was the investigation by increasing the best, but that’s not find the evidence that corroborated.

Real culprit of 300 million yen incident or who was on earth. Why, the police either failed to arrest perpetrators. In fact, the police had found the culprit, but it is could not be arrested.

Real culprit of 300 million yen incident actually he was the son of a police upper echelon. So the police were able to identify until the culprit by collecting the evidence, but was not able to obtain an arrest information and publish it openly. And, the real culprit that had committed suicide to know that that you are the culprit had finds out the police.

Plight to make a virtue of necessity by cut back to that his father was in the upper part and the “I’m me Dooshi”. For is a scandal within the organization, there was a power to his father, police was did you shelved the incident as a criminal can not be identified. 続きを読む

Target of roller strategy of three hundred million yen incident

Three hundred million yen staff salary of Toshiba Fuchu factory was robbed, three hundred million yen incident.

The investigation is famous in the investigation that took place in the three hundred million yen incident that roller strategy. This is a method that is going to interrogation as roller all residents of the area where To put it simply. Tama district of Tokyo has become the target of a roller strategy three hundred million yen at the time the incident.

Had contributed to that you investigate one and all the students at that time, had participated in the student movement students lived many Tama area, as was introduced in truth 2 of 300 million yen incident saying that it was this roller strategy is cracked. 続きを読む

Strikes Back and development of Mewtwo | Urban legend of Pokemon




Kinds of things there are many Pokemon .

It is Mewtwo is what is produced artificially , even in such Pokemon .

Mewtwo was developed by research , seems to have born in improving the Pokemon called Mew , but there is an urban legend about this developer .

For Dr. developed , it seems that they do not come out directly , but, in fact, there seems to be a hint in the work .

It is said that the hint is that , like the Institute in Glen Island , Mewtwo and has been developed here .

And , there seems to be a name of Dr. Fuji as the creator of Mewtwo Some of the materials at the laboratory . 続きを読む

Sad story of Jynx | Urban legend of Pokemon


Tteyuu of various types are present in Pokemon .

Or was the flame , it is the Dattari ice but , There seems to be a thing called Esper in it .

And is a Jynx ‘s been those that have more than one type seems to often relatively , to have a type of interest but it’s a little strange .

Jynx ‘s Pokemon as ” Esper ” and ” ice ” type , but there is a sad urban legend in this Jynx .

Jynx is said that it was a child of Pokemon and people .
Secret hidden in the back of Bikutini ” Pokemon urban legend ”

It was Jynx but was born at a time when people and Pokemon to marry once , become a rarity by the time to attend school , the bullying was terrible .

And that they were the words Jynx is like a human in it , but that it does not know at all meaning seems to have been involved.

Rather than this is an urban legend , it is as listed in Pokédex .

One day , Jynx was bullied in such is , ends up killing a teacher killed student .

After that, he will die in abandoned in the snowy mountains to the parent .

However , Jynx that can not be grudge even a grudge against the man to become a grudge , it seems to have continued to kill people in the snowy mountains .

This is what this will be the urban legend of Jynx , but that is ice type was attached to the Jynx that since abandoned in the snowy mountains .

Although it is sad anything urban legend , but it is the appearance , such as a human , and the part that can be assent Will not be many .

Is there is such an urban legend in the Confidential Jynx was born .