Strikes Back and development of Mewtwo | Urban legend of Pokemon




Kinds of things there are many Pokemon .

It is Mewtwo is what is produced artificially , even in such Pokemon .

Mewtwo was developed by research , seems to have born in improving the Pokemon called Mew , but there is an urban legend about this developer .

For Dr. developed , it seems that they do not come out directly , but, in fact, there seems to be a hint in the work .

It is said that the hint is that , like the Institute in Glen Island , Mewtwo and has been developed here .

And , there seems to be a name of Dr. Fuji as the creator of Mewtwo Some of the materials at the laboratory . 続きを読む

Sad story of Jynx | Urban legend of Pokemon


Tteyuu of various types are present in Pokemon .

Or was the flame , it is the Dattari ice but , There seems to be a thing called Esper in it .

And is a Jynx ‘s been those that have more than one type seems to often relatively , to have a type of interest but it’s a little strange .

Jynx ‘s Pokemon as ” Esper ” and ” ice ” type , but there is a sad urban legend in this Jynx .

Jynx is said that it was a child of Pokemon and people .
Secret hidden in the back of Bikutini ” Pokemon urban legend ”

It was Jynx but was born at a time when people and Pokemon to marry once , become a rarity by the time to attend school , the bullying was terrible .

And that they were the words Jynx is like a human in it , but that it does not know at all meaning seems to have been involved.

Rather than this is an urban legend , it is as listed in Pokédex .

One day , Jynx was bullied in such is , ends up killing a teacher killed student .

After that, he will die in abandoned in the snowy mountains to the parent .

However , Jynx that can not be grudge even a grudge against the man to become a grudge , it seems to have continued to kill people in the snowy mountains .

This is what this will be the urban legend of Jynx , but that is ice type was attached to the Jynx that since abandoned in the snowy mountains .

Although it is sad anything urban legend , but it is the appearance , such as a human , and the part that can be assent Will not be many .

Is there is such an urban legend in the Confidential Jynx was born .

Final episode of Doraemon | Urban legend of Doraemon



Urban legend that there is a last round to “Doraemon” .
In fact, it is has become a vegetative state in a car accident , Nobita it was a story of a dream that Nobita saw all the story of a series of “Doraemon” .

Nobita is sleeping well in the story , implying that it continues sleeping in a vegetative state .

And in a hospital room that Nobita is hospitalized , Doraemon’nonuigurumi seemed had been placed .

This urban legend is a city legend quite famous in what was floating around in the early 1990s . 続きを読む

Is Nobita a scientist ?? | Urban legend of Doraemon



Let’s introduce ” Nobita was a scientist ” Doraemon urban legend .

Power of Doraemon ‘s battery seems to be in the body , but the battery would run out suddenly .

In an attempt to undo something about Doraemon suddenly stop working , Nobita to consult a Doramichan sister of Doraemon , but the memory of Doraemon because they’d be erased if I replace the battery Doramichan , until now I forget things .

Nobita refused to replace the battery of Doraemon .

I want to talk again with Doraemon , but because did not want to see Doraemon who have lost their memory .

Nobita change from that day .

The acutually reason why Doraemon turned blue body | Urban legend of Doraemon



It is Doraemon , which is loved by many people , but that the color of such Doraemon is blue is very famous .

Are a lot of cat -type robot Doraemon as well others, I have the color of the pieces each .

Or a yellow , it is in various Tari and a red , but for that why Tteyuu whether the blue Doraemon in such , it seems to have become an urban legend . 続きを読む