A Boy said, “Old woman” to Hibari Misora

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Famous Enka singer in Japan , Hibari Misora ​​’s Showa . At the time, Hibari Misora ​​’s is a grand old man as an entertainer , yes was in contact with humble posture in the upper portion of the television station .

One day , there was a concert of Hibari ‘s . One boy who had come to the concert of Hibari ‘s with his mother when Hibari -san finished singing a song , and then try to later stage from the passage of the audience is a word to Hibari -san .


” Aunt , I good song . ”


Management staff of our concert that was a cold sweat . At the time, against Hibari , who is in contact with low profile in great people in big game as an entertainer , that would be rude , ” I good song ” or ” aunt ” even children how much . With . What if Hibari -san If you wait too long and angry . With .


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