Howl’s Moving Castle | Urban Legend of Studio Ghibli anime

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Howl's Moving Castle




Introducing urban legend Ghibli movie was a big hit sometimes Takuya Kimura was the voice actor of ” Howl’s Moving Castle ” .


Howl’s Moving Castle is a story with a focus on Sophie had been turned into the figure of an old woman by the magic of the witch of wasteland and Howl of the witch . Original author Diana Wynne Jones . In fact, Howl’s Moving Castle Studio Ghibli movie is only a small part of the original .

In fact, the scene of war is not to the original

There is no scene of war to the original of Howl’s Moving Castle . But I unfolds deployment not too much to say that war has become the key to one of the Studio Ghibli film ” Howl’s Moving Castle ” . Why , Ghibli did they adopt a war scene not in the original dare ?

Miyazaki Hayao director is because the battle scene love it . In retrospect works that Hayao Miyazaki has served as director , work there is a lot battle scene , battle scene of Ghibli movie is interesting if there is a taste . Is an urban legend convincing if we consider it like that .

The real reason living in Castle Howl moves

I explained that there is no war in the original story . Question is one frame here . Howl why do they move in Moving Castle ? You would think something that in order to avoid war , you are moving in Moving Castle to escape from the master of magic of Howl in Howl’s Moving Castle Studio Ghibli movie . However , there was a reason If you want to have moved in the castle Howl moves.

It , to get away from the girl who dumped a long time ago .

This is the reason why like Howl of lover .


Will seek the supervision of Howl’s Moving Castle was director Mamoru Hosoda .

Howl’s Moving Castle actually that was not the plan is a work of Hayao Miyazaki from the beginning .

Hosoda Mamoru is it was supposed to try to coach in the original plan . However , there is an urban legend as early as stalled in the planning stage for a fantasy element in many cases, direct view of the world was difficult , that was in the hands of Hayao Miyazaki .


Howl and Sophie will die in the original .

Sophie helps Howl of Ghibli movie in ” Howl’s Moving Castle ” , and ends with a happy ending , but Sophie and Howl that will die in the original . It’s not a urban legend , but it is a sad ending as Ghibli fan was impressed to Howl’s Moving Castle . Depiction two people that go to heaven together They say there is Howl’s Moving Castle in the original .


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