The Cat Returns | Urban Legend of Studio Ghibli anime

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The Cat Returns


The urban legend of The Cat Returns .

The Cat Returns is the story of a high school girl to go to the world of cats , who remember the atmosphere similar to other works of Studio Ghibli somehow should not a few . So . And the Studio Ghibli and ” Whisper of the Heart ” . It is a character that fat cat or Baron also came out in Whisper of the Heart . So people who’ve watched Whisper of the Heart is that? There is no difference in thought .

In fact, it is the cartoonist same person , the original author of Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns that blue holly .

So, look alike . Why Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns is similar is actually more deep .

The Cat Returns The brain regeneration story of Tsukishima drop ?

The story of The Cat Returns is said to be the story of brain regeneration of Tsukishima drop in some urban legend . Drop you can see that sensibility that ‘s a fairly rich man You can not call a lot of books in the library , such as the lyrics concrete load indeed . Come out in The Cat Returns , fat cat and Baron also I will link experience and Tsukishima drop .

So , The Cat Returns is done with those film adaptation in the brain delusions of Tsukishima drop in this urban legend .


The Cat Returns works that drew Tsukishima drop ?

Urban legend Another hypothesis is Tsukishima drop is has become a future writer , that was the story of ( also including delusions ) the story that you have experienced a long time ago . So fat cats and Baron too I has appeared . Author theory of Tsukishima Shizuku = Cat Returns I am glad legendary ‘re a fan of Whisper of the Heart .


I do not know where we are whether there was intention of holly blue san , Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns is so linked.


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