Whisper of the Heart | Urban Legend of Studio Ghibli anime

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Whisper of the Heart



Whisper of the Heart ‘s a refreshing work youth color is strong among the Studio Ghibli , but, in fact, urban legend of Whisper of the Heart was something to overturn such an image .

Whisper of the Heart to induce suicide ! ?

Viewers who see the contents too refreshing of Whisper of the Heart that become depressed mood is dull too Looking back on my life .

Let us recall the contents of the Whisper of the Heart .

Tensawa Seiji Twink is impeccable it contains about talent or I can make something even violin . And , etc. have gone to study in violin making in Italy in the last of the story , it is of a boy too pun B . Shizuku -chan is in a romantic relationship with such Tensawa Seiji wonder what lucky ! In addition , you are installing to a junior high school student engagement but after returning home .

Reality such a thing if it is generally women , it does not taste well . . What content in spite of a setting where to sympathy of a junior high school student Demoi likely actually flew Bukkake is was the Whisper of the Heart .

Do not become depressed in the light and life of your own ! Since this is anime!


Tensawa Seiji stalker theory

Keyman Tensawa Seiji of Whisper of the Heart is actually in was a stalker of drop -chan ? Urban legend that exists .

I think some people understand it and go carefully follow the story of Whisper of the Heart .

First of all , I want you to remember the time did not have friends still drop and Tensawa Seiji . Named ” Seiji Tensawa ” is described at the lending drop always went to the library , reading a book . Tensawa Seiji wonder was crazy borrowed from the library a book I like reading really ? And the only book read the drop .

Is not that little scene where the second half of Nantes St. Tsukasa is reading Why do not you think !

Seiji Tensawa hypothesis that was had earnestly borrowed a book proactively by checking a book that seems to owe drop holds.


And , Tensawa Seiji has knowledge also psychology . When a person has a favor to the other party , who at the time of the positive emotions to negative than to positive emotions positive is easy to belief and love do the other party . I think that there is an experience for everyone . From the other party that I thought it’s a good person from the original , it was hate at first guy , but I have experience that fell in love When you went to know that person . Effect when it is turned from negative to positive gap ‘s great .

Tensawa Seiji was repeated remark seemingly the first to drop harassment , ” the concrete load Na I’m not … ” , “It ‘s a huge lunch of you .” This is not a source of Tensawa Seiji . Because he has a remark such as ” I knew about that it ‘s not lunch you ” later .

In other words , Tensawa Seiji he had skillfully used the technique to draw favor from negative gap .

And , Remarkable scene of the last . Or not being in the road of home previous bicycle is Tensawa Seiji drop wake up and at night ! Deployment romantic what .

No, no , I want you to consider it in a level-headed manner . You can not make an unintended situation Nantes are by bicycle in front of the house of the girl in late late at night If you see from the point of view of Tensawa Seiji . He is had stopped all the way to the front of the house of the drop in the bike with the express purpose of seeing to drop .

I wonder had the matter drop , if it’s not noticed ? Do not complain even if it is notified when you are seen in the people of the neighborhood. This is exactly , is the true value of a Tensawa Seiji .


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