Porco Rosso / Crimson Pig | Urban Legend of Studio Ghibli anime

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Porco Rosso : Crimson Pig


The name of the hero of the red pig is ” swine ”

Hero of Porco Rosso , Poruko Rosso . The origin of the name of his is actually such as ‘m meaning ” swine ” . You who wanted to Jan as it is , please try to read a little more . In fact, it would mean ” Porco Rosso ” Broken down by word Poruko ( pig ) Rosso (red ) , and the case ‘s word which means coward and swine in Europe , it represented the delicate nature the fruit of the hero I .


Great- grandmother of housekeeper old woman come out to Kiki’s Delivery Service is Fio of Porco Rosso

Housekeeper of an old woman looking at Kiki witch in Kiki’s Delivery Service , referred to as a ” right! That was said of the great- grandmother .” And , he there is a scene grandfather Fio to introduce the person as a byte temporary in Porco Rosso , but one of the old woman of three people are in this looks exactly like housekeeper Kiki’s Delivery Service is her Fio ‘s . And , Remarkable lines referred to as ” Hey, I wanted to raise pocket money to great-grandson .” Is are there for her great-grandson .

And , is there have seen a witch when her airplane production , had come to Piccolo ‘s . It is not unnatural at all be in the story of the witch y to great-grandson .


There is a model of airplane hero of Porco Rosso was listed ?

If there is a model in the plane Poruko rests in Sakuchu of Porco Rosso , it seems ‘m airplane airplane company called FreedomAir located in Guam . The airplane flying with a propeller with a red body is consistent with the airplane was on the Poruko unquestionably , but the plane that was broken in the typhoon of 2010 unfortunately .


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