Investors to rumors, the curse of Studio Ghibli

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Yen exchange rate and the stock market is rough work of Studio Ghibli is televised . Do you know this kind of urban legend ? ” Kiki’s Delivery Service ” , ” Spirited Away ” , ” Whisper of the Heart ” , ” My Neighbor Totoro ” Ghibli is the animation studio that is draining the anime of Japan top class .

Studio Ghibli is aired on ” Friday load SHOW ” When it comes to the timing of summer vacation , but the traders that they are people afraid front at that timing .

Yeah I’m the worst broadcast timing of Ghibli timing and number of employment statistics of the United States to be an important indicator of the yen in particular will be announced when the wear . There is that 9 times in the past , the announcement of U.S. employment statistics and j televised Ghibli capped , but eight of them has less than market expectations . Rate to wildly volatility when the value goes below the market expectations . It is about some people give millions of loss by being swallowed up by the waves in the investor .

People who believe in the law of Ghibli , earns by performing a trade is also a so are Some of the radar and professional . A trader that gave significant benefits allowed to hit 4 times 5 times in the trade do believe the laws of Ghibli .

When the ” Kiki’s Delivery Service ” was aired in July 2011 , against the dollar , the yen soared even 1.2% in that was the result of 86% employment statistics of the United States is much lower than the market forecast that . It is not in Nantes Oh yeah timing that 1.2 percent is also the yen in a few hours .


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