Sayama incident and My Neighbor Totoro

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And Sayama incident

Is the kidnapping of a girl in 1963 , took place in Sayama City. The girl who became a victim of the Sayama incident would have been killed . And her sister becomes a state of confusion , I went to look for her sister , but she will also be killed by the perpetrators . I some ” saw the ghost of the cat ” , and ” there was a big raccoon dog ” in the words that my sister had to mouth before his death . And My Neighbor Totoro cat bus , these words are reminiscent of Totoro .

Common point of My Neighbor Totoro and Sayama incident

· Location Sayama around the city

- Sister is missing

- Haunted = cat bus cat , raccoon dog = big Totoro

Hospital = eight Kuniyama hospital that was in near the site of the Sayama incident . My Neighbor Totoro = Nanakuniyama hospital .


Ghibli side has denied

Ghibli side is negative for this urban legend . Etc. write a screenplay that was modeled after the incident was actually a movie for children , it is impossible to be sure . But it worries me is I wonder a thing in common that is born so happened by chance ? Truth is shrouded in mystery .


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