Doraemon running out of battery| Urban legend of Doraemon

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Battery running out of Doraemon


There is a sad urban legend suddenly , Doraemon that no longer work .

However , this is not just urban legend Doraemon is just not move , you are also said to be ending of Doraemon .

There seems to be an urban legend as various Ending theory of Doraemon , but this urban legend has become quite impressive in that.

The story of that starts from where Doraemon is suddenly stop working …

Doraemon urban legend out of batteries

The worry about it , Nobita to ask to repair Dorami .

And , it seems that Doraemon that has become stuck in the battery out what that it was found .

So I that do begin to move if replacing the battery , it will be at the cost of one to it .

Followed by …

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Apart button Doraemon fear →

It seems to be that to forget all the memories until now .

In other words , that the memories of Nobita so that would have disappeared from all of Doraemon .

Nobita offered to to say that it is not possible then, that want to leave it in the Dorami .

While not move Doraemon …

In the wake of this , Nobita will vary greatly .

It becomes hard to do the study did not like until now, so take the results of the top always .

Then, the challenge that there is Nobita when you enter the large companies , it became famous engineers in the world .

Is a revival of Doraemon it!

When Nobita put a switch , where they begin to move to the thing that was Doraemon remains of memory when it is stopped .

This is there in the whole picture of this urban legend , but it is ending with anything impressive indeed .


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