“Silently, man Sapporo Beer” | job hunting urban legend in Japan

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There is an urban legend that is whispered among the students when it comes to the timing of job hunting .
“Men Sapporo beer in silence “

It is a story of when the job interview of Sapporo . Some male students were interviewed , but said that he was a stop to the question of silence interviewer . Then, when one of the interviewer with expired tail of patience is , questioned ” I ‘m silently why Kimi ! ? It ? Whether they come to teasing ,” said student said.

” Silently , man Sapporo beer ! ”

Adoption of He is said to have decided on the spot . Following years , many students that the same behavior wrote , but rehash seems to have dropped all .

Education filter

Without education more than a certain amount , that there are companies that do not receive even joining interview in job hunting . It is Education filter the saying goes . Can I say that there is almost certainly the presence of Education filter . Indeed , joined seekers increased if accustomed to large companies , the interviewer is not enough even if there is a time and how much I watched a decent all students . However , the author is a company that company there is only processing power of the degree , not focused on new graduates you want to say towards the students , the company to use the Education filter after all . Tatte because there is no education, since than have dozens and dozens society who have been successful . Such company is the good once you kicked from here . There ‘s no way you can go to survive in the global society is a company that has been tied to those small-time Education Nantes .


Face selection

It is urban legend acceptance of adoption is also decided by the appearance . There is actually this selection . Occupation face is important , for example announcer , receptionist , etc. recruiters . . There is as much impact on people is large appearance , face adoption of standards is you’re apply to job possible appearance is still absolutely necessary . It is said that selected with the face selection office worker that seems irrelevant to face certain IT companies in Shibuya as an exception. It’s seems for in-house activation , but it ‘s downright despicable I think it will do just me . I want you to rest assured if , even if there is no confidence in appearance . World , anyone would look similar when one is older . It is intended to or looked to youth about Me is aging rather was young when old . When I took a year , and a live human being to live in only the appearance , minute appearance is bad , people who made ​​an effort to fill a hole in the skills and personality , whether it would be worth either . ※ I can work looks good and of course , personality is also good ! The reality is people are Tteyuu ‘s not a few , but none more ugly ugly you are depressed .


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