Nobita was a human vegetable | Urban legend of Doraemon

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Let’s introduce ” Nobita human vegetable ” Doraemon urban legend .

One day , Nobita as they come home from school , there was a figure of Doraemon you have organized your luggage there.

Nobita was wondering is asked to Doraemon , space-time Law was revised for manners of our visitors from the future is bad , Doraemon also that had to be go back to the future .

Because he did not want to see that face of grieving Nobita , you are a secret until now this thing , Doraemon , he was going to return in secret while Nobita do not know .

Of course , Nobita tries to stop desperately to say of such and I do not want , but go back to the future in a time machine jumped by suppressing desperately tears full of Doraemon also own .

After gone Doraemon , Nobita left behind alone in the room cried with a loud voice .

N Doraemo ~!

Nobita is sleeping in a hospital bed , there was a figure of mom that replace the flowers beside the hospital room .

Grasp the hand of Nobita , mom speaks .

” You’re a half a year goes by Nobi -chan from an accident … ”

At that time , tears rolled down suddenly from the eyes of Nobita .

” I wonder if looking at what kind of dream , Give me to wake up early … ”

World … it that there is Doraemon , he was what Nobita became a vegetative state by traffic accident , had imagined in my head .

In fact , can have a boy of a vegetative state that has become a model to Nobita , and Fujiko · F · Fujio of authorship , the mysterious word “robot cat type” that the boy speaks occasionally of such as ” pocket whatever comes out ” · Write down careful notes at the bedside , and that he gave birth to a cartoon called “Doraemon” …


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