Bara Bara Button | Urban legend of Doraemon

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There seems to be an urban legend that is a rumor as it was not recorded among the story in the Doraemon that there is a number .

I think it that it is not recorded what became a dead issue as the story again , but it is said to be a story that apart button ‘s become urban legend and was not recorded such .

It would take the zero point in the test , which seems to start from the scene of always called Nobita beg in tears in Doraemon , but it seems to be the item that apart button that is said in the urban legend where it is to appear .

If you press while saying what you want , you are like a tool that would be able to replace it with it actually , Nobita seems to have replaced the head of Mr. Dekisugi first This button apart . 

Black Blood Dos and cracked Doraemon → Bakkuri is Dara …

Then it seems going to replace the finger of Suneo arms and Gian , and the foot of the dog , or if you set him on the strange appearance last .

To see such a figure , it is said that in the urban legend Doraemon ‘s story of a grin would not good too greedy .

This story has become the urban legend is like because there are opinions that say such a story is not actually in Doraemon .

There seems to be many opinion seems to be various opinions on the urban legend of this Doraemon , but that there is no first Doraemon ‘s grin .

However , because it is a pattern that is well to be on the other hand Doraemon , Some say it was lies in the fact that he just was not recorded .

As long as it has not been recorded , some in the dark truth of this urban legend …


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