The acutually reason why Doraemon turned blue body | Urban legend of Doraemon

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It is Doraemon , which is loved by many people , but that the color of such Doraemon is blue is very famous .

Are a lot of cat -type robot Doraemon as well others, I have the color of the pieces each .

Or a yellow , it is in various Tari and a red , but for that why Tteyuu whether the blue Doraemon in such , it seems to have become an urban legend .

According to the urban legend , there is seems to be some theories , there seems to be a thing called shock was bitten on the ear mouse .

It is said that Doraemon is there a mouse in a weak , but the body is turned blue from the shock would be bitten by a rat around the time there was still ear .

Thing that there is no ear to a certain cat -like robot and the other for the Doraemon .

In addition , according to the urban legend of the other , it seems to have been said to be turned blue from the circumstances of the adult .

The door of Tteyuu page series of magazine once , that the background will be red title character in yellow appears to be in many cases.

It is said therefore when considering the color of Doraemon , and fitted to the rest of the three primary colors .

This urban legend is in the situation of adult anything , but because it would be better to stand out certainly is read by many people , it might be good .

It is possible to also take ‘s last resort for sell .

Possibly , I can not even imagine from the popularity of Doraemon now, but I wonder does not mean that there is that Doraemon also had a hard time this urban legend if true.

Doraemon another might have been born again , you were the color background is different temporarily .


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