Is Nobita a scientist ?? | Urban legend of Doraemon

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Let’s introduce ” Nobita was a scientist ” Doraemon urban legend .

Power of Doraemon ‘s battery seems to be in the body , but the battery would run out suddenly .

In an attempt to undo something about Doraemon suddenly stop working , Nobita to consult a Doramichan sister of Doraemon , but the memory of Doraemon because they’d be erased if I replace the battery Doramichan , until now I forget things .

Nobita refused to replace the battery of Doraemon .

I want to talk again with Doraemon , but because did not want to see Doraemon who have lost their memory .

Nobita change from that day .

Day-to-day to spend one’s time doing every day to studying was followed .

Then , my friend also no longer meet at all .

Doraemon urban legend scientist

Eventually , Nobita performance was poor always become a most excellent children at school , I graduated with top grades of junior high school , high school , and college .

And , ten years later , Nobita had become a scientist .

And to design what is finally , it is a cat -like robot that has artificial intelligence .

Was to design a robot that has the world’s first artificial intelligence It was Nobita .

And , Nobita was replaced while not erase the memory of the battery Doraemon was asleep .

That you replace the battery without erase the memory for Nobita of designers was not too difficult .

Doraemon resurrection while holding the memory , and said, ” Good morning , Nobita -kun ” he said.

Nobita wept .

” Hey , the paddle was also bullied What ? Did you Nobita -kun ? ” Doraemon was worried about Nobita .

Wife of Nobita , Shizuka smiled at the side .


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