Final episode of Doraemon | Urban legend of Doraemon

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Urban legend that there is a last round to “Doraemon” .
In fact, it is has become a vegetative state in a car accident , Nobita it was a story of a dream that Nobita saw all the story of a series of “Doraemon” .

Nobita is sleeping well in the story , implying that it continues sleeping in a vegetative state .

And in a hospital room that Nobita is hospitalized , Doraemon’nonuigurumi seemed had been placed .

This urban legend is a city legend quite famous in what was floating around in the early 1990s .

Indeed, is the presence Doraemon itself is like a dream ,
Because they pay out as Nokozuchi out in items like a dream , it was believed , but plausibly , that the Doraemon , that there is no final episode .

Times that “Doraemon goodbye ” is , is told as the last round , but I have returned to the source after all .

Fujiko · F · Fujio ‘s author also died , but Fujiko production has continued to manufacture thereafter .


Final episode of Doraemon
One day , Doraemon has become suddenly stop working .
Nobita you worry about it by calling Dorami sister , you get to check the status of Doraemon . Then , it was found that the memory is erased all see that the battery of Doraemon is off and that is to replace the battery .
I thought to try a repair request to the designer of Doraemon Nobita , but the designer of Doraemon has not been published , it is requested to repair impossible .

Nobita , say, ” want you to leave the Doraemon ” in Dorami after she was troubled .
Dorami went back to the future with accept it .

Nobita change from that day .
To study that we were not good enough to hate it , I began driving furiously . Performance is extended in a moment , and one junior and senior high schools and universities also help Doraemon also without , I will enroll in school in the top class in only their own power . Further to study abroad , I got to get a job in large companies leading eventually .
Nobita continues to absorb the latest technology even after the job , and this has been a technician top-notch to be reckoned with in the world if I notice .

You have also married quiet , happy Nobita , was was transferred to run a certain plan that has been thought for many years . Nobita was standing in front of the desk of his own laboratory . And , on top of the desk , there was a figure of Doraemon remains at that time .
The Nobita , repair the Doraemon only their own power , had had to restart .

Fearfully , Nobita turn slowly .
When the power is turned on fully , to see the bright look in Nobita usual , there was a perfectly round face there .
” Nobita -kun , homework did I live? ”

Designer of Doraemon , it was a Nobita .

Also in this story , although I went and was transformed into an urban legend gradually become a chain mail for a period of time ,
This better , is like the last round .

In fact , in this urban legend , there are authors .
Fans of Doraemon there

It was a creation story that was published as a ” final episode of Doraemon – I thought on its own .”


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