” Talent ” and ” have to go ” | Urban legend of Doraemon

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As a national animation , you have long been popular in people , first is first Doraemon .

The Doraemon , I have a vision of times .

That’s two .

” Talent ” and ” have to go ”

So, I think first , you try to write about talent .

Story is like this ↓

And Doraemon ” Nobita enters the interior of the Earth a tool such as Torinukefupu .

When we arrived , the girl was wearing a beret is , to disappear or where red envelopes handed to two people , ink , pencil .

If you go after the girl , it was guided “It’s there if shooting ” can have people such as police officers .

There , there is a kind of model of the Earth , I break it .

2 people black ones , such as the blood flows out from the inside , saw it embrace trembling . ”

I ‘m very mysterious content .

It is a talent do this , but it seems to be aired on July 20, 1984 . ( There are 16 days theory September 1983 )

In , It is said that when it was broadcast , in silence , image has been disturbed .

In fact , it does not remain in the broadcast recording .

※ The July 20, 1984 , “spare four-dimensional pocket” is broadcast as a ” fairy tale trip Nobita ” .

The September 16, 1983 , ” moving map “, ” course goal-scoring opportunity ,” ” shiritori transformation capsule” is broadcast .

It is said that testimony is also different according to the person who saw .

It is said in relation to the title , not the talent , formal name is also Bitarento .

The net , or not at Novi talent ? , Do not Oia , in Nobita X-ray ? It is said to be .

However , neither exist .

The other , is the broadcast , there is also a theory for distortion was terrible , Nobitarando of ” town Nobitarando of Dreams ” TV Asahi anime first episode that had appeared as Novi talent .

In addition , the word die is visible only for a moment to Sakuchu , there is also a theory it seemed to shake talent .

$ All mankind urban legend

Sure enough , the identity of the talent ? ? ?

This information came out .

It , in around ’84 , screenplay and animation too late , voice also can not count on , I that there are times that was canceled .

Cut , seemed to use the thing of other times .

The broadcast station , that they have been the video does not remain , that occurs only in a small area by the interference will also be considered .

Maybe , those people of a small area have seen , it might be spread as a rumor .

This way , the video even if they do not remain in the broadcast station , testimony be different by those who saw , I think that there is no funny .

However, because it is said to be spread this one review, the net starts to spread , just maybe , I might be was not in fact .

That ‘ because it is an urban legend .

Following , I would like to introduce the tea , not go .

Story is very simple .

“10 minutes , Nobita keep walking the streets .

Doraemon is known as ” I ‘m already gone ,” says Nobita is ” to go ” .

Nobita , walks towards the sky . ”

Called , is a simple story .

But I’ve been told this , and was broadcast just before Fujiko · F · Fujio teacher passed away .

In addition, there are theories that have been broadcast at midnight on the day of his death , a theory that was broadcast at midnight on Friday of that week .

Really , the truth is … .
Even over , in the absence of fire , the smoke is not stand .


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