The sad story of the red Gyarados | Urban legend of Pokemon

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Sad little urban legend exists in the urban legend of Pokemon .

The urban legend that of the sad Pokemon thing concerning Gyarados .

Speaking of Gyarados , which has evolved from Magikarp , it is a Pokemon that is visually imagine that does not tell from Magikarp .

The color of the Tteyuu Gyarados is in blue usually , but I there is the red Gyarados that is inside.

Why that red Gyarados in blue are many or will exist?

Sad urban legend is hidden here .

In urban legend , Magikarp had been regarded as Pokemon to save the food shortage once .

It is said of that is , because the Magikarp was a Pokemon that is suitable to grow as food .

It seems that was to be brought up a Magikarp , and that was grateful when there is no food , but people have forgotten thanks to Magikarp food shortage is over .

It seems to have been said to have got rid of Magikarp which remained in mass not only it .

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Pokemon made ​​on the basis of the war ! ? ” Pokemon urban legend ”

And , it is said that one of the animals in such Magikarp are likely to be disposed of is to Gyarados , and attacked as a counterattack to the people .

Gyarados which evolved was blue at first , but he is said in the urban legend that it became red when bathed in blood return in that attack people .

In other words it means that red Gyarados Gyarados ‘s gave the commandments to the people who have forgotten the heart of gratitude .

Some of the urban legend of Pokemon , the urban legend Tteyuu didactic this also seems to exist .


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