Bug that occurred during the game | Urban legend of Pokemon

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Of that when you make a game software seems thereby generating things that bug really .

On sight , this bug seems to be removed , but there are also those that are to leave the inside.

There seems to be a urban legend of the bugs remaining in the Pokemon , and that the bug is that such as he can be seen in beak security .

It is to be aboard the Santoan’nu issue in security bill , but text seems to appear when you that it is here .
Was dead Latta rival ” Pokemon urban legend ”

This sentence seems to be related to the urban legend , but it seems to be able to read ” The Original NAKAHASHI Koyo ” and when you read the text well .

How does the Pokemon ” NAKAHASHI Koyo ” is how come into play ?

It ‘s is also the contents of the urban legend , but a person named ” NAKAHASHI Koyo ” is a developer of Pokemon , it is said that it is the person who devised the Genga .

This means that a portion of the original image that can be read also Genga .

Then , a man named this ” NAKAHASHI Koyo ” According to the urban legend is
Seemed to have died .

Also in the sense that it shows the meaning of the memorial , it is said that in the urban legend bug and left .

For information about the bugs of this text , it seems to have been told that it is a thing quite famous but seems some people do not know when it comes to the contents of the urban legend .

However , anyone would not did not imagine meaning of such a memorial is and has been put in the bug of Pokemon .

According to the urban legend , since such that bug that has become text of the alphabet , and does not notice is that the especially .



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