The scary story | gas station at midnight

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The urban legend of a gas station .


Woman was driving a car alone in the middle of the night . Woman who was in a hurry the way home I noticed that in a small gasoline car of the rest . It was found that there is a gas station near lucky if you search in the car navigation system .


Clerk does not come out quite Upon entering the gas station . Clerk came out at a later time , but things seem strange . If you are in fear , you are sweating on the forehead and to not even in the summer . Woman became a little scared . Woman ” . A regular full tank ,” said the clerk . The clerk began to put the gasoline without saying anything .


Woman checking the state of the clerk in the side mirror and scared . Then ,


The clerk staring at me in the mirror over .


Woman took off the line of sight immediately, but you do not know the reason . The clerk is certainly funny .

You now to the gas station at midnight it ‘s just two of the women and the clerk of the men come to think well well . It is not a situation to be able to call for help as soon as even something. I thought women would like to get out of here soon .


” Your accounting , is 4,170 yen . ” Clerk came unexpectedly . Refueling had already been completed . The woman said to pay by credit card . I held out his card . However ,


“Customer . This is a counterfeit card . ”


By opening force the door of the car when I say so , you can pull out from the car the woman , the clerk took him to the office . The force is strong without odd , women could not resist at all .


Dangerous !


Women thought so , but he was taken Tsurekoma in the office can not be anything .

Clerk of the men took down all the blinds and close the key you enter the office . And , word .


” Man sitting on the back seat ! ‘m What ” and I said .


I thought women and would have been in the car alone , man bloody do not know at all had been riding in one hand a knife in the car If you look at my car in the surveillance camera of a gas station . I had to go away somewhere bloody man will come out of the car soon .


At that time , the clerk you did not Tsuredashi car from a woman … .


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