Is Yungera acutually present ??? | Urban legend of Pokemon

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Some Pokemon seems are also those based on a certain theme .

To create a number of the Pokemon still , it is said that the theme setting Tteyuu said it was necessary , but there is an interesting urban legend about Yungera even in such settings .

Of that urban legend that is one Yungera that was made based on Uri Geller .

Pokemon urban legend Yungera

The named Uri Geller , albeit in person laid the one era in supernatural power , but they feel like and are made based on Uri Geller clearly if you look at the Yungera .

And According to the urban legend , it is said that litigation was Uri Geller is around the Yungera .

Litigation content as long as you based on your own , it is something that I want to support the moderate .

The case will disagree that , long war seems to have been expected with each other .
The sad story of the red Gyarados ” Pokemon urban legend ”

However , I will be litigation ends all too soon in the urban legend .

Either not mean that the concession , at a certain exchange of trial seems to have been a point .

Yungera is claimed to have made ​​the theme of supernatural power , it is said that in the urban legend and said he wanted to show the ESP Uri Geller So if that ‘s the original .

Uri Geller side , is said to have gone silent to this .

Then , it is said that the trial was over soon , but it is a mystery how the Tteyuu trial around the Pokemon that this Yungera Whether became the settlement .

Has become interesting among the urban legend of Pokemon that there is a number , it seems to be what are known widely .


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