Pokemon made ​​on the basis of the war! ? | Urban legend of Pokemon

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Pokemon , what games adults and children getting involved is known as Pokemon .

Various work people have come up until now , counting from the red and green , but only that it has played for once too? Would not be many .

It’s such a popular Pokemon , but it is said to be local to the main title each have decided , it would have been made in reference to the region of somewhere in Japan .

And , it is said Hoenn region as being in reference to Kyushu , there seems to be a urban legend of one for this Hoenn region .
Ghose soul of the dead ! ? ” Pokemon urban legend ”

Many ‘s some urban legend in Pokemon , but that urban legend in the Hoenn region is related Pokemon of three bodies .

It’s Pokemon register lock , Rejiaisu , called Rejisuchiru .

Pokemon urban legend

In urban legend , if you scratch the surface in Kyushu , where there are these Pokemon are Miyazaki , Nagasaki , Oita ‘s .

And it ‘s a place that dropped the bomb in the past all .

Pokemon These seems to remember the ” wandering ray” at the 89 level 89 has become the date on which the atomic bomb was dropped in August 9 further .

Are also discussed in the cash register urban legend , and that seems to register it is said that there is a meaning of ” victim ” in military terms .

It is said that are you dressed that this Pokemon does not sound like a man from there , and either does not indicate a figure which fell victim to the bomb .

It seems pretty cool thing of Pokemon and Pokemon appeared , but such urban legend that is hidden on the back .


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