Strikes Back and development of Mewtwo | Urban legend of Pokemon

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Kinds of things there are many Pokemon .

It is Mewtwo is what is produced artificially , even in such Pokemon .

Mewtwo was developed by research , seems to have born in improving the Pokemon called Mew , but there is an urban legend about this developer .

For Dr. developed , it seems that they do not come out directly , but, in fact, there seems to be a hint in the work .

It is said that the hint is that , like the Institute in Glen Island , Mewtwo and has been developed here .

And , there seems to be a name of Dr. Fuji as the creator of Mewtwo Some of the materials at the laboratory .

This Fuji Dr. , actually in a shot, you are met at the Zion Town .

Was present Yungera ” Pokemon urban legend ”

It is said that Zion Town ‘s location to the memorial service Pokemon who died , but he is said in the urban legend Fuji Dr. and have memorial service for you at the expense of Pokemon many in the development phase .

According to the urban legend further , and is said to have noticed the importance in knowing the risk of his own life is to strike back when you have developed a Mewtwo .

Fuji Dr. , seems to be able to say that also have confession by the memorial service , a Pokemon who have to sacrifice their own hands According to this urban legend .

It is a Pokemon that was heartwarming , but such a scary urban legend that he was hidden in the back .

It can be understood as a person who publicly Fuji developed by Dr. in the story , can not I also appeared from this urban legend .

Anyone would not of did not think such urban legend and though they’re by no means hidden .


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