Truth of the 300 million yen incident

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Incidents that have been handed down as a mystery still Showa maximum, movie was also the difference is 300 million yen incident. 300 million yen incident is a case in which an armored car is attacked by someone in the incident that occurred in 1968, 300 million yen has been looted. And that as much as 2 billion yen when converted to monetary value now is 300 million yen at the time.

In which is taken up in a big way this incident, there was also opinion arrests that only a matter of time before there many physical evidence, 300 million yen incident had reached the aging culprit without being arrested after all the media at the time. It is a general theory of the police was the investigation by increasing the best, but that’s not find the evidence that corroborated.


Real culprit of 300 million yen incident or who was on earth. Why, the police either failed to arrest perpetrators. In fact, the police had found the culprit, but it is could not be arrested.

Real culprit of 300 million yen incident actually he was the son of a police upper echelon. So the police were able to identify until the culprit by collecting the evidence, but was not able to obtain an arrest information and publish it openly. And, the real culprit that had committed suicide to know that that you are the culprit had finds out the police.

Plight to make a virtue of necessity by cut back to that his father was in the upper part and the “I’m me Dooshi”. For is a scandal within the organization, there was a power to his father, police was did you shelved the incident as a criminal can not be identified.

That is the culprit of 300 million yen affair rather than not caught, it is did not catch on purpose. This is the urban legend of the truth of 300 million yen incident.


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