Truth 2 of 300 million yen incident

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Drama “Kurokochi” begins, attention has been focused on a 300 million yen incident. I introduced the urban legend of the 300 million yen incident titled truth of the 300 million yen incident, but to introduce the rumors surrounding 300 million yen affair for Another theory this time.

There is a theory that’s Komohakarigoto by the Government 300 million yen incident. At the time, the student movement has flourished in the latter half of the 1960s. University students have conducted a demonstration of anti-government struggle of security, it has been a problem as a function of educational institutions are often sealed. In addition, the Japanese government was afraid that the demonstration of security struggle that has spread from students to spread across the country.

So, doing to efficiently collect information of key people has become a leader of the student movement, the government wanted to converge the situation as soon as possible. However, to find a leader of security struggle among the students who are hundreds of thousands of people was not an easy task. Therefore, he filed a 300 million yen incident. If it is a just cause that incident a lot of money that 300 million yen has been deprived, suspicious person on the grounds that excuse could easily questioned. It is said the number of people who received the investigation in 300 million yen incident related to the as many as 10 002 thousand people, and Takada Junji of talent and Fuse Akira singer also included among those who have been questioned that had been.

Government that he was allowed to converge the demo that is a collection of information was a student leader role of the student movement in the investigation of 300 million yen incident, crush under water them.


> I read the truth of 300 million yen incident


[Details of the 300 million yen incident]

An armored car that has been put is 300 million yen bonus for employees to Fuchu factory (Toshiba current) from Tokyo Shibaura Electric (Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ current) Nippon Trust Bank Limited was running.

When an armored car was passing by the back of the Fuchu prison, I was stopped by police motorcycle. Since there is a possibility that the branch manager’s house Sugamo bank branches of “you are blasting, explosives are planted also in the car, and me let me examine to the driver of an armored car cop motorcycle is (criminal) is referred to as the “. I gave away from the wholesale cars from car driver us.

Issue the smoke ignite the white Ento that had previously, it is allowed to save the people who have gathered in and around the driver, the culprit was the departure car. The driver of an armored car is still misunderstood and cop the culprit, it seems to have thought brave cop defended people from explosives.

At this time, there were many witnesses of criminal near to the driver other than perpetrators of 300 million yen affair eventually not caught, became the mystery of the Showa maximum.


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