If you do not come back later closed down? | Disney urban legend

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When I went to Disneyland, the person who made ​​the experience that you would never want to leave would not a few. However, it marked the time of the closed down because it is a theme park and even a Disneyland, it is no longer shall not go back if accustomed to night. So, what will become of you if you do not go home closed down after the Disneyland?


I confined into a narrow space-time

If you stay up also closed down after Disneyland in some urban legend, that get trapped in the space-time of Hazama. Even in bright daylight hours, country Disneyland dream gives the guest the impression that another world is the real world. It is not surprising also is said to be confined into a narrow space-time beyond the dream it becomes a state of midnight, all attractions has stopped.


Cast of the mystery comes to look for

When I stay up also closed down after Disneyland, I hear there was a person who was hiding under the bench. Then footsteps of the cast is from somewhere. And, cast these in a high-pitched voice.

“Sign of life is kana to why Haha~tsu!? But not guest anymore!”

Person in the Disneyland park’s not a guest anymore also closed down after. And … The cast of this high-pitched way of speaking. >> I see more urban legend of Disney!


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