Tragedy Tokugawa 16 Daishogun visionary “Tokugawa Ie-tachi”

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This corner to introduce the urban legend from “urban legend overkill” that was aired on July 25, 2014.


Speaking of generals at the end of the Tokugawa family, it should answer all the “Tokugawa Yoshinobu”. Returns the real power to the Meiji government from the Tokugawa Shogunate in Taiseihokan, national governance of the Tokugawa shogunate was supposed to have ended. However, it was supposed to be the next Shogun originally, there was a man named Tokugawa Ie-tachi the Tokugawa family.


15 Daishogun, that Tokugawa Ie-tachi is he was supposed to be Shogun Tokugawa house last into a family figure, but the seat of 15 DaiTokugawa Shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu in that it was 3 years old at the timing of the 15 shogun appointed it has become that you vacate.
Then, a Taiseihokan, the reign of the Meiji government will come Tokugawa shogunate. It is a modernization of Japan.


Chance Tokyo first mayor
Then, the flow moves towards the Shizuoka is Tokugawa house I had been treated as a nobleman, had a chance of reversing the Tokugawa Ie-tachi. I was waiting and opportunities Koshitantan is visiting Tokugawa Ie-tachi you want to keep the name in history. And the first chance came was a post of Tokyo mayor.

Tokugawa can govern the Edo = Tokyo again!

Tokugawa Ie-tachi that advanced to the verge job offer when it was supposed to decide the first mayor of the city of Tokyo. Mayor almost certain. At that time, Yokoyari entered “Now, it should not be out in the table Tokugawa family,” he said. “Tokugawa If the return to the world of politics, it must be a national governance”. Said so that was Kaishu Katsu. Tokugawa Ie-tachi gave up a mayor appointed by the words that were said from Kaishu Katsu.


Chance Prime Minister of second
The Maimodori to the center stage of history even after several decades have passed to give up the mayor, the Tokugawa Ie-tachi was aware that leave a name in history. Meanwhile, Yamamoto Gonbee Cabinet has become dissolved in the scandal. Chance of a lifetime came to Tokugawa Ie-tachi it is “Prime Minister”. Offer of Prime Minister is came to Tokugawa Ie-tachi at that track record and pedigree is good from the Emperor.

Tokugawa Maimodoreru again to reign in Japan!

However, Yokoyari enters here. It is the opposite of the Tokugawa clan from. Once again, the Tokugawa Ie-tachi that had been crushed a chance tearfully opinion negative of “have failed once in the Edo shogunate, the name of the house is dirty repeated failures anymore Tokugawa”.



Chance Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee of the third
The other, … chance do not call. Last chance came under the Tokugawa Ie-tachi that had been thought. It is a “Tokyo Olympic chairman”. However, Tokyo Olympics that would also be crushed is he was canceled.

Tokyo Olympics which is well known in 1969. Actually Tokyo Olympics is had been planned in 1940 for the ’29 before. It is a war of the Sino-Japanese war and the reasons for the Tokyo Olympics was supposed to be the Olympics in Asia for the first time has been canceled. After that, Japan will be able to advance to the second World War.

And without leaving a name in history, Tokugawa Ie-tachi’ve left this world at last. It is a story that I wonder may accidentally posted on the blog of urban legend, but it was introduced because it was talk that had been introduced in the urban legend is overkill.


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