Secret of the linear motor car plan

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This corner to introduce the urban legend from “urban legend overkill” that was aired on July 25, 2014.


Plan that connects the Nagoya and Tokyo have started construction linear motor car.

Now, practice that is shortened to 40 minutes over Tokyo Nagoya between needed 1 hour and 40 minutes is was standing is scheduled for 2027, when opened.


Progress is extremely slow plan of the linear motor car.

Maglev has been talked about as a new means of transport, second only to the Shinkansen from around Osaka Expo in the 1970s has its concept from a few decades ago, but it is of a stage that was construction still today more than 40 years has elapsed.
The reason is said country is because he has a project promotion. Linear motor car business is also had been promoted as a national project Shinkansen as was the case, but it is said that it could not move quickly is a big problem in the country adjustment such as relations industry associations and local government is too complex there.


And, JR has moved finally. It approached the country to want me proceed as a single project of company JR because cover the construction costs of 9 trillion yen If you do not proceed indefinitely even after, linear motor car business is progressing as a project promoted by JR at present.


However, the Japanese government is said that attempts to put Yokoyari the linear motor car business to come here.

Station which is the end point of the linear motor car “Shinagawa Station” seems to be a key. Not only will it be the end point of the linear, Shinagawa Station is a gateway to Haneda Airport has been attracting attention as a hub airport for international. And there is a vast land that JR has more. This land is called Shinagawa vehicle base I hear has become a vacant lot of 4 Tokyo Domes. There is the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.


So, I believe that I want to make a big special economic zones most in Asia Shinagawa as the Japanese government. It is an urban legend that has been thought to be at stake in linear business, and want to develop Shinagawa got a vast land with the JR. Country has announced that it will upgrade to the national project a linear business.


However, I’m sure some people think the country as long as willing to take over some budget of 9 trillion yen as JR, who was with the cooperation of the country is or not than good. In fact there was a reason you do not want the cooperation of the country side to JR. It is a “disaster”. Tokai earthquake off the coast, which is said to hit Japan in recent years. That you receive slap-dab hit the Tokai earthquake is desperately JR with many routes in the Tokai region.

At that time, the route is an alternative route of the Tokai region is needed.

It is of a linear motor car route with. Planning is in progress in the form of a straight line connecting Tokyo and nearly Nagoya linear. So, it is able to use the linear even if there is a blow to the route of the East Sea.


, Then the linear if moving large earthquake occurs, route of Tokai even paralyzed, JR is can be presented an alternative proposal to the customer. Moreover, price is higher than the other lines are linear motor car. It is necessary to opening a linear before a large earthquake occurs in order to successful speculation of JR Tokai aimed at linear special demand. JR fear plan from becoming extends that national slow project progress enters the bottom.


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