Why Netoge Crock “The Future of fear that the new drag cause” or dead

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This corner to introduce the urban legend from “urban legend overkill” that was aired on July 25, 2014.


What could have heard the word Netoge Crock. It is the person who interfere with social life and too addicted to the net game and Netoge Crock. That you are of course widely known that people not stick to the job, but I Toka Some people go on an errand in the room time to go to the toilet otherwise even a waste.


Meanwhile, people who died while doing the net game is it’re overseas.


· Who sudden death disease that is by continuing stay in the same position with the game in 12 hours sedentary

Homebound-week Internet cafe, sleep time who overwork death there is only 10 hours only between

That there are such. Why do they might have been able to focus so much time.


In fact, new drugs called smart drugs that are becoming epidemic in the world. It is said that the drag is a component similar to the medicine of dementia, and it has the effect of increasing the concentration and memory in healthy people that are taking.

However, it told me that he has led to the deaths, such as in the above as its price. Has been said yet is afraid, that there is hallucinogenic is that medicine, it is the fraught possibility that indiscriminate and reality and the game is no longer tell if you use in order to concentrate on the game.

If it was an urban legend that … gamers murder game when taking smart drugs.


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