Urban legend the future was predicted by Dragon Quest part 1

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Is an urban legend about the game Shuhei Shimada was introduced in the Cozy urban legend is too much of 2013.

Dragon Quest is a video game that was popular in the 1980s, but because there was no ability to save the game data to the machine of the game at the time that Dragon Quest was released, game user continues the game by entering the game machine password I had started from. For a random string of password would be a meaningless word usually, but there was also to become a sentence makes sense as it happens some of the password of Dragon Quest. What was implied in the future is present.

It is as if we had adopted the format to be entered in a dozen character hiragana this password in Dragon Quest , but that predict the future in this password Surprisingly is was there .

For example, the game can be resumed from the middle and put a password of ” I Mau beautifully it after the ice Kim ” . And , “I dance beautifully it after Mao Asada ice ” can be restarted from the middle game in this password .

This is a sentence that I do not think it only as pointing that of Mao Asada and Kim Yu Na of figure skating . In addition , those of Kim Yu Na has a higher level slightly slightly when comparing the save data of the two. Mao Asada and Kim Yu Na ‘s rival in practice , that Kim Yu Na won the Mao Asada in the previous tournament would you know .

Dragon Quest ‘s was released , it is the 1980s . Nevertheless, or rather prophecy that real that happened in 2000s


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