The reason electric in airplane is disappear|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

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Urban legend that has been introduced in the program of urban legend Cozy overkill.

I think people who’ve got on the plane and seen, but the lighting of the cabin is erased when to fly at night. Some people you wonder Why do such a thing.


There was a reason the lighting of the plane is to be erased.

It is said that the accident airplane to become the most 5 minutes of landing and take-off six minutes. And that place is the middle of the ocean or in the mountains is less damage when it crashed Moshimo when you can not go airplane unless the emergency landing or emergency landing in some trouble. Of course not, such as street lighting in those places. Per is not a pitch-black when you escape with emergency landing. Lighting of the airplane you did not put out if I do I need to escape a dangerous outside in zero visibility. So the aircraft is put out just before lighting the landing and take-off after accident most often.

So, it’s going to be that while the lighting is extinguished After the airplane you’re riding is and if an accident.


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