Oshin and Iran|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

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Is not an exaggeration to say that the legend of the drama of NHK, Hashida HisashiNoriko of drama is ” Oshin ” . Hero was born in poor rural areas , face bullying in place of employment , but Oshin to live strongly . Who impressed in appearance to live hard her average viewing rate at the time many of 52.6 %. This record is a record , I would be more than half of Japanese that was want to see you dead. This urban legend is a urban legend that has been introduced in the corner of the Cozy in overkill .
In fact Oshin popularity had not remained in Japan . Oshin had been aired in other countries Iran accustomed far , you died that was a big break for some reason in Iran . Iran aired at the time of Oshin was during the war , but the soldiers were watching your battle Shin earnestly Once the air time of Oshin . Average audience rating that exceeds 90 percent of the more popular urban legend that .

Most of the Iranians is became nailed drama Oshin Japanese . The legend does not end here .


There is a poll of the right people to the next president in Iran . Among the important figures and politicians of Iran link the name to the rankings , Oshin had been ranked in the middle of the rankings what . It is not a real person , and that the woman is supported as a presidential candidate in Iran’s male-dominated convention remains was unworthy situation and are a nation .

So , the Iranian government has issued an instruction to stop the broadcast of your Shin immediately . However , people did not stop silently broadcast the drama Oshin of 90% average audience rating . Oshin demonstration takes place in Iran around , it’s so became a kind of state coup .

The back on the air of your shin , government saw heavy the situation was allowed to resign as minister ordered a blackout .

The legend continues thereafter , literacy rates but low likely , school to teach reading and writing of characters free to Ayaka~tsu to Oshin or can , the Department named Hashida HisashiNoriko Department of more than established in the University of poor children in rural areas of Iran the Tarashii to became popular .

It was urban legend drama of Japan only one that was to influence the culture of other countries .


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