Fujiko · F · Fujio had realized the dying of their own?|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

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Urban legend that Matsuwaru of Doraemon. The introduction in the urban legend JAPAN what has been introduced in the urban legend too much of fall 2013.

Author of Doraemon, Fujiko Fujio is known for was a hard worker. We believe that the work is always time except to eat and time to go to bed, and that was extinct breath on a desk in a state that held the pencil when I died. However, Fujiko Fujio’s so did not miss even a consideration for the family.


However busy you may be , take the day off Sunday always , to spend with my family . He was never to be broken in any way are those firm in Fujiko Fujio This rule . The share a meal with my family , and spend a family day on Sunday morning . And that solicited request of Christmas gift post card of newly written Fujiko Fujio at the time of the events, such as Christmas .

It was Fujiko Fujio about this loved family , but it’s so did not put the personal feelings never Some of the work . What reminiscent of the family and those surrounding memories with the family is not in the manga itself. With the exception of one installment is .

This work is referred to as ” wind-up urban adventure writing Nobita ” is the one installment . Toy who work on wind-up is he appearing in this work, toy panda Fujiko Fujio was a present to her daughter are coming out in it . And , toy that Pakapoko that act together and Nobita in Sakuchu yeah ‘m toy gift sent to Fujiko Fujio from daughter .

Why does this work just how broke the rules ? In fact, this work became a posthumous work of Fujiko Fujio . Fujiko Fujio is died in the middle of writing a ” wind-up urban adventure writing Nobita ” . He might have been realized the dying of their own and possibly .


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