Why Form U of toilet airplane ?

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Is an urban legend that has been introduced in Cozy urban legend overkill. For an airplane toilet. I think that it is clear to anyone who is that you got on the airplane, the airplane toilet untimely super energy saving, it is designed to be used in ultra-saving water. And to not be able Nantes to water supply in the middle of the water course, because why are flying such as the 10,000 meters altitude. Able to carry a large amount of water, so become a burden for the airplane, yes’m made ​​of water-saving.

The amount of water toilet of airplane used in the drainage of one is not likely to only what 200ml . This is the amount of water corresponding to one milk bottle . ‘m Surprised anything , but it’s so was not in the Nagase so little water from the beginning . Again and again improvements were added airplane toilet , I Sized serve the functionality of the now . And say whether you devise how , by using the force of the air , yes I’m Nagase also mono large amounts of matter with a force to suck at the same time as flowing water rather than flowing water only .

And , miso of urban legend of this time the shape of the toilet seat . None of the toilet seat has become a figure of 0 it is it to a character of U absolutely toilet seat of the airplane . Once upon a time , because there was an accident and say why. There were some western people using the toilet . After plus use the toilet , he pushed the switch to try to shed while sitting . He was never to come out of the bathroom and then he . Again .

It’s so I had been begun to built-in tension in the power of each vacuum because he was fit and toilet seat . Then , toilet seat airplane ‘s so I became a Kimarimasu to make with a character of U escape of air to be able to be sure .


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