Human life is manipulated by Strategy of companies ! ?|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

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In urban legend in too much , it will introduce the urban legend that function hello bye told . There will often be able to influence corporate strategy enters the life of a person . For example, it is said to pass the chocolate in the Valentine’s Day is a week that began to candy Japanese manufacturers increase sales of chocolate , and opinion of the media may become the opinion of society as it is , the wearing of entertainer that thing which may become boom mass basis is not uncommon .

Become an old story , but it is said that made the week of ” eat three meals a day ” also was a company . Who made ​​? It was a large Kano inventor Thomas Edison . Response to the question ” Do you need any devise a plan to become a brain clear as Edison ” , Edison that said, ” each and every day , that . Eating three meals a day ” and at a press conference of the day it is . 3 meals a day is common in general now . However , two meals a day that was commonplace in the world are the days when Edison was active .

Is it not three meals a day from good health ? … It was of a retrofit .

That Edison invented at the time , was ” toaster ” . Sales of toaster extends three meals a day becomes the norm . There was a great speculation in Edison further . In fact, at that time , the power consumed in the toaster was greater among other home appliances in the home . So people did not use very often , even bought a toaster for thrifty . However , the frequency of use of the toaster can make toast it easily by making habit of three meals a day can do rise , people began to use a lot of electricity. Of course , sales of electric power company grew . And , owner of the power company what , it was a Thomas Edison .


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