Effects of waxing and waning of the moon has on the people|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

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It is said that for a long time and the phase of the moon has an impact to people. This time, I’ll introduce the urban legend about the impact on human and phases of the moon Shimada Shuhei told in the urban legend within overkill.

Something occurs on the day of the full moon. It’s like a movie title, but Nantes, a mysterious phenomenon that occurs on the night of the full moon has been confirmed in human society actually. Phenomenon period of a woman’s body such that exactly matches the phases of the moon for example new moon – full moon – in the 29th cycle will be mentioned month.

But there is a result of research psychiatrist in the United States were examined for human psychology and the moon, but the incidence of murder is it I increase to 1.4 times compared to the other day the day of the full moon. And he said, such that if and only New York City, but the incident number of arson yeah I’m twice as much compared to the other day the day of the full moon.

That is, phases of the moon is a possibility that influence the psychology of human. There are interesting data another. It is a wave of stock prices and the phase of the moon.

That there are waves of constant are known to share. But there is a valley bottom and the top is always a wave in that stock prices and down or up, but this is it’ve got to match the rhythm of the phases of the moon. It’s a story of 2011, but the date of the new high stock price and date of a new low stock prices I hear matched closely to the wind you said day = highest stock price of the new moon, and Sun = lowest stock price of the full moon. The year there was the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Sensibility of the people have become sensitive to nature, and might have gone largely influenced Possibly.


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