Urban legend of black hair-like Kurokamisama

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Of that black hair -like , seems fashionable . Is a city legend like magic .

I had an information of urban legend made ​​from black hair like Rua like urban legend of the Japanese fans . I’ve studied so much trouble .
With black hair -like ?

Is a kind of necromancy and black hair -like , that it is God you or me unhappy man who has a grudge against myself , heal myself sometimes .

What you need to ritual evocation of black hair -like is only her hair .


Way of black hair -like

I prepare a bottle of hair one ) I

Es and returns a raw deal strongly think that is from the other party and the party’s name 2 ) hair

3 ) I dropped shouting ! ” Please dispel your regret if my black hair -like” from the rooftop ) of the building (eg high buildings .

4) spend normally after this ceremony , Do not say things ritual anyone .


Black hair like I hear activate if it is able to complete this ritual properly . According to the urban legend , black hair -like to start the action time after 2 am . I say visit the place of the person you have a grudge against that time period , black hair like that said they regret the openers instead .


There is an urban legend variety to the eye of black hair -like , but that it is something of dolls covered with hair the whole body in general theory . There is also a theory that an aggregate of hatred of people like black hair .

It is not known origin is somewhere , but it seems to be in the urban legend that began from Kanto and Tohoku region .


It is that Sube-sha does not undertake the risk any major feature of black hair -like even if it fails or is similar to necromancy , such as hide-and-seek and one ‘s approvingly .


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