Why OTOYA(Japanese restaurant) was successful ?|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

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Diner chain stores that have become popular in Japan in the last few years is “Ootoya”. Why Ootoya I wonder if everyone has received? As well as office workers, and wonder why it captured even layer’ll never go too could be successful large Oto ya meal to shop, such as students and OL.

In fact, seems to have had the secret to how the opening of initial Oto shop began . Introducing urban legend that function hello bye famous urban legend told too much .

Before you start a large-scale deployment , Ootoya that had stuck to the location where you want to always opened . It is able to on the first floor basement of the building always a place to store openings .

It was the image of man and main office worker Speaking of the diner ‘s image . Women ‘s not because you hate meal itself but , you did not have a resistance to evade the goodwill of the set meal shop image in advance.

However , if on the first floor underground shops , is another story . Ootoya At that time , there was one in the basement because you can use without having to worry about the public eye in front of the shop he was able to collect the instruction of women . It’s Oto shop in the store on the first floor shopping malls and by now , it was a twist on the thin edge of the wedge of the first seems to have been the key to success .


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