Gifts for Idol|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

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Is an urban legend about the Idol was featured in a cozy and overkill.


Gift from the fan has many idle, idle things such as brand-name such as candy is likely to joy’s often sometimes, gifts such as harassment is also a more likely.

One day , when the idols had gathered , I got to talk gift that arrived to some idle . It became a story for the idle did not open the presents yet, trying to open it on the spot . DVD it came in there when I open the wrapping paper of the gift .

Everyone thought to be a gift of the kind doctors harassment , the message you are not sure somehow or video of shady feel such as contains , this was quite clear it is a such a kind doctor . But there is also a place that had been raised at that time , we will look to try ! I got that flow .


It was content that men are dancing in the choreography with the song of the idle in the video .


Oh , this is unfortunate over . Person that laughs and air that had wrapped the room , but I got the gift was pale for some reason . The person in question was answered weeping idle another who was next to the ” What’s the matter ? ” And is asked .


“Living in the place … I this person is dancing “


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