6 minutes of the magic of airplane take-off|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

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s an urban legend that has been introduced in Cozy overkill.

Timing the plane prone to crash. It has been said to be five minutes before landing with six minutes after take-off. It is not possible to the autopilot in particular, that’s a timing easy to anger crash most six minutes after take-off to steer with only arm of the pilot.

I think people who’ve got on the plane and understand , but why , and to turn off the electricity in the machine and before entering the flight stable – after takeoff takeoff during the night flight . Do you erase it or getting in the way of maneuvering the airplane pilot is bright , since in the way of the plane which was in the take-off other preparations ? Or turn the light off in consideration to people who sleep in the room because it is night? The answer is neither .


Why turn off the lights of the room during takeoff . It’s In the light when it crashed 6 minutes of magic after take-off .


Time is because the cost become less visible when it comes to the place from where the bright and dark suddenly , the pupil of the eye to open up to the human eye . It is the same when it comes suddenly in the dark from a bright place . Time to adjust the pupil of the eye , the person becomes a state equal to not see anything .

Fall when the plane crashed , is the mountains and the sea . There is no artificial lighting in there of course . So , people of the room that he turns off to cope with the darkness of the outside even crashed Moshimo the timing most likely the plane crash .


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