Inspiration test|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

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Also introduced in the Cozy and overkill, and introduces the major urban legend comparatively.

It is a test to check whether there is inspiration to me Put simply one type of psychological testing. In the attempt to explain the contents of the test immediately.


First, I want you to imagine the house most familiar that I was born and raised and a blind eye, if not calm down. And, I want you all around the room in the house enters the medium from the front door of the house.

The window of the room that you go all open when you are turning.

When you have finished open the window of the room all that is in the house, or would have reached to the innermost room of the house? Once reached, the next step is going to close the window all in order from the last room. After all windows rolled all, get out of the front door.

Test’s end here. I want to question one.


Will you met someone in the house?

Seems to have extrasensory perception who was in someone while you’re opening the window of the house. And, as the number of people you meet, the more inspiration that strong. It is a psychological test that rise well enough and try to friend.


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