Ambition of the United States hidden in the online game of war

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In recent years, online game ever-fashion. I introduce the urban legend that has been introduced in the Cozy overkill.

Online games are popular in the world, and became a pioneer of online game epidemic it is the United States . Online gaming population that ‘s one out of two of the nation ‘s population. War simulation games are popular among other online games in the United States .


Blood-and-guts game that ‘s four million people online gamer you have been released as of every year , are participating in the war simulation game in the United States alone . That it is as popular as the World Congress of war game is opened . Underpinning the popularity of war games and wonder of fan support ? Or would be the efforts of game makers ? Actually, neither . Underpinning the popularity of war games it is of the United States government .


Chief of Staff of the Army is it is monitoring the contents of the game at the time of the tournament online game in the United States. And , offer enlistment to the army told me that he comes with a special treatment to the player who enjoyed excellent results in the war game .

Good performer ‘s excellent battlefield in the actual game of desk .

War in recent years has become a high-tech war by the evolution of the computer in particular . Weapons is you’re being manipulated by the operation of the game just like . So , technical capabilities of the gamer is useful .


However , the question is one frame . Are a lot of people not good at football soccer game even good , and some people have no sense of rhythm and pitch even good at music games . Will it not be the same in a war game ? Story Is not it a different game becomes a real war also good at how much ?


Success on the battlefield and the performance of the game is proportional to and only war .

That the most important in the war and concentration ability to accomplish a goal and perseverance . Because gamers are aligned serve this element , research results they can easily leave credit better than the soldier not a gamer also told me that he is going up .


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