Urban legend of “English conversation of President Clinton and Prime Minister Mori(Japan)”

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Let’s introduce the urban legend when Yoshiro Mori , former Prime Minister was talking in English and former President Bill Clinton at the time of the Kyushu- Okinawa Summit .


English was not very good at Morimoto prime minister . So, I had to prepare for interview with former President Bill Clinton asked to prepare a talk script secretary in advance .

The talk I hear script was made up of flow , such as the following .

” How are you? ( HOW YOU DOING? ) ”

” I am fine, and you? ( Condition is good , you? ) ”

” Mee too. ( I am also ) ”

It is an orthodox conversation is very simple , such as taught in junior high school English . However , Morimoto prime minister seems to have been quite good at English .

The first word said by cutting the carp mouth as soon as they met with former President Bill Clinton ,

The ” ( who , was it ?) Who are you? ”

Frozen ambient , however , former President Bill Clinton in the smile by dominated care ,

The returns on a case-by-case basis ” ( I am the husband of Hillary ) I’m Hillary’s husband ” he said.

However , not only the head of the script talk script completely , Morimoto Prime Minister is a reply to be paid out .

” ( I also me !) Mee too! ”

Be spoken to like the fact that in many cases this urban legend , but, in fact, it’s so joke . It is of a story that was in the story of low English proficiency and manual principle of Japanese . Entourage is should go into stop when saying the very beginning and Who are you? Indeed ! Lol


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