Is Rola Freemasonry member?

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Or there is a variety of urban legend or from the mysterious presence roller.

One, roller Freemasonry member today?

Let me introduce the urban legend that.


Laura seemed to say that there is interest in Freemasonry for a long time. And, “urban legend too much” in (TV Tokyo), “there I Freemasonry interest” and “What’s so cute mark of Freemasonry” Cozy and too much was repeated, Freemasonry remark.


To urban legend and Komohakarigoto theory that actors other speak in the corner to introduce the urban legend of Japan in the “Special” not believe believe urban legend of the topic in the “streets depth good story of one minute life is change” is roller had a behavior which does not show any interest.

When the roller to be a member of Freemasonry , many benefits for Freemasonry .

Currently , Freemasonry seems to suffer from a lack of members . It is also much want to play interest of Internet users for the first time or Flickr Facebook, and blogs .

It was 4 million people in 1959 , but upon entering the 2000s , the number of members off the two million people , the total number of members has been reduced to 1.4 million people , the popularity of Freemasonry itself is lowered Freemasonry membership that he is .



It ‘s possible there roller becomes Freemasonry member , she becomes a billboard , Freemasonry popularity is restored .

In addition , the roller plays a stupid , but, in fact, it is the story of not being stupid . Ability to take the essence of the story and the speed of rotation of the head is not quite as it can easily imitate If you look at the counterattack of her talk .

It is believed that the head is good sweeping If you’re playing a silly character she intended .

Roller is actually it was a perfect as a member of a competent person Freemasonry .


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