Urban legend of sheep of the last

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Sleeping to be counting sheep in the night watches. Would not there you’ve counted “sheep two dogs … are one animal … sheep” and sleepless nights to anyone once very famous in this story?

That there is a program that will on behalf of the the count the sheep in this certain cable broadcast. Narrator is counting sheep intently from cable broadcasting.

“Two dogs is one animal sheep … sheep …”


Many people eventually, to go down into the dream sleepy while I heard the narration. Does not seem to be there narrator morning, wake up, the voice that counts the sheep not hear.


So, what will become of you if you continue to listen to this broadcast with no sleep forever?

Count of sheep that continue up to 10,000 animals in one theory. However, when you have finished counting the 10,000 animals, voice “is going on forever?” Of women angry that hear.


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