Secret hidden in the place name and earthquake in Japan

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Story that had been introduced in the urban legend of Cozy overkill .

That there is also a 17% probability of an earthquake of M7 or more occurs in Tokyo over the next five years . Knowing land live in whether their strong earthquake in the sense that prepare for the earthquake is very important . Damage is likely out in the case of large earthquake area ground is soft or liable to liquefaction .

If there is a secret that has been hidden from the earthquake and place , urban legend that is provided in the earthquake and know the secrets of the place name this time .


There is something that indicates the character of the area and those that reflect the history of the area in the place name .

From Umeda in Osaka and told me that he is named Umeda history from rice fields that had been filled with a huge landslide buried plum = , since the field = rice fields .
And , when I say Tokyo and whether , for example, is named Kameido from that there was a lot of well , such as the shell of the turtle , the name that was changed to Kameido later Kameido .

So , it can be seen that that area with an abundance of underground water in the basement , such areas are prone to liquefaction during the earthquake .

That there is water in the basement has told me that he covered the area feel involved in the water as this is in the place name .

For example , Sanzui is attached to ” astringency ” of Shibuya . In fact a long time ago , and he is making in the landfill was once the marsh ‘s Shibuya neighborhood .

The Ikebukuro elsewhere. Creek that was flowing old street in Ikebukuro Sunshine . So , that there is still a large amount of ground water is also in the basement of Ikebukuro is expected . ( Certainly , there was also talk of Ogawa Ikebukuro that are present in the basement still Once you have studied in or something Toribianoizumi )


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