Final episode of Ultraman mystery|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

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It is a story that has been introduced in the urban legend of Cozy overkill.

At one point, it was what did we talk around final of Ultraman? Topic that is it came out. Some people I hear said, “Ultraman has expired butyrate, final episode of Ultraman to destroy the Tokyo along with the monster” he said. Of course, the final episode of Ultraman is not such a story.

Interest has sprung up in this story , Ijuin light of talent was this story on the radio that Ijuin time as MC. Then , I know the final episode of the Ultraman from the listener of some ! Reaction that is being obtained .

Ijuin light and examine whether there is a common point to its listeners who , people who saw the final episode Ultraman that destroy Tokyo and Wild Things Are was found that that it is people who live in the same area .

It’s a so was broadcasting the hero thing called Iron King Ultraman and appearance is very similar in the area . Broadcast its final episode you are parting with the first part , Part II , that actually destroy the city Iron Man hypnotized to monster in the first part is it is .

If you look further , after the first part of the Iron King was aired , the latter part is it was not aired in areas where people had a memory final episode of Ultraman that destroy the city and the monster we lived .

In other words, Iron King end to destroy the city in the last times in the memory of children. If you are a, Ultraman end to destroy the city in the last times the months later. I wonder not than has become a memory of.


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