Scary story | way back

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A couple with each other was a barbecue four people . The weather was also decided to arrive at the crossroads Become a tired four people maximum . I will keep you beauty A , B thickness , C greens , and if D one .


That day , B thickness was coming on a motorcycle . A beauty of her he had been riding a bike together to go , but was so exhausted at the barbecue , and decided to go home together C greens , in the car of one D.


” Well then , ‘s game Which will arrive first! ” D one told B thickness .

It was that usual , but that of B thickness has become to worry A little beauty because it was all tired that day .

” I care ” and ” I know ! ”

B thickness had been started earlier in about a sudden when I say so . Tension in the car was going up a little to say so ” cunning ! ” D is one .


After returning home , it was thick B to arrive earlier always , but it does not stick at all 30 minutes after the car is attached . A beauty was contact to your phone of B thick Become a worry but it does not take a connection at all .


I was in near the A beauty worried greens C , D be one , but went back because it was late at night .


There is an incoming call A beauty is that Bottomi mobile phones . Was from B thick .


I did not know “A beauty ! A beauty ! Come back ” makes sense .

I got off the phone is A beauty “Where !? B a little thick , are you Now ! ‘ll Come back ” and say .


Then intercom rang immediately . A beauty I thought B is thick , Na ‘m playfully went out the door immediately . Then C greens who returned a little while ago , D one was standing there. They are both a dark look .


” The dead even thickness B , I accident …” D one said . I could not believe the A beauty . It is because had just talking with a mobile phone and B thickness while ago .


In the face Hikitsu~tsu , C greens , D one said, ” He , ! ‘m Came to pick things you ” and when you talk about the phone a little while ago . At that moment , the sound someone hit the door of the room was .


It was a voice , ” Come to A beauty ! A beauty ! Here ! Come back ” thick B.


“It ‘s no good to go ! It ! ‘ll Be taken ” greens C, D one has stopped A beauty hard but , A beauty opened the door to be drawn to the voice of the B thick love . Was in the top of the bed in the hospital for some reason that moment A beauty .


The story I heard later , the way home , car riding A beauty , C greens , one of D seems to have ended up causing a major accident and hit the guardrail . And , C greens , D one is instant death . B thickness seems was calling her Te I always near the A beauty wandered the border of life and death seriously injured . “A beauty ! Without squid, to come back over here ! ”


What had become If we had been together greens C , and D one is A beauty that remains ?


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