Princess Mononoke | Urban Legend of Studio Ghibli anime

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Evolved into a social phenomenon to the public at that time global evaluation is high among the Studio Ghibli “Princess Mononoke”. Where you on the stage of Japan, depicting the gods of mythology on is also a point that ignited the popularity. It is a masterpiece that touch of Hayao Miyazaki and mystique Japanese culture has flashed. Let me introduce the urban legend of such Princess Mononoke.

Secret of the Tatara factory

Facility that Tatara factory woman named Veiled is control appeared on the way. Receive the impression that such rules and culture of its own, such as that a clear distinction from the world of out there in the Tatara factory. I wonder What was exactly is this Tatara factory?


These, women with the Tatara factory “who accept only Veiled like us with no expectation to go.” And people like disease that was bandaged who is in Tatara factory. How will they matter?

In fact, there is an urban legend that it is facility you are to live in harboring patients with leprosy Tatara factory.

Patients with Hansen’s disease is subject to discrimination in society, that you continue to live in the general public that was difficult in Japan in the past. So Eboshi-sama’s made ​​a society where you can go to live patients of leprosy is to create a self-Tatara factory. It is mean that Tatara factory.


Princess Mononoke was the tax measures?

Is an urban legend of a completely different, but, in fact, production of Princess Mononoke is told me that he was not began in a positive form. Told me that it was necessary to accommodate the large amount of tax sales of goods and royalties derived from work in the late 1990s were strong Studio Ghibli. So, it = film making for tax purposes, ready-to-van costs! It was produced was rumored at Ghibli highest ever in the fact that the “Princess Mononoke”.

I’ll use the movie if you use the cost! It seems that the Ghibli is Speaking of anything like Ghibli.


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