My Nighbor Totoro | Urban Legend of Studio Ghibli anime

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Introducing urban legend masterpiece it is not an exaggeration to say that a representative of Studio Ghibli concerning “My Neighbor Totoro”.


Disappear from the middle, the shadow of Mei and Satsuki

Since the mid of the story, the shadow of Mei and Satsuki disappear. Ghibli to pursue the reality ought to have done a drawing to stick to detail, such as light and shadow, but it’s not a shadow of Mei and Satsuki also be a scene should be shadow from the middle. What does this mean? Heck?


Mei and Satsuki was killed on the way ?

Middle of the story I would have been any story expansion ? There is a scene where Mei is missing , Satsuki our residents and the surrounding look for Mei desperately . And villagers to discover sandals that Mei was wearing in a pond from floats in the story middle of ” My Neighbor Totoro ” , everyone , there is a scene that becomes ” … Mae Maybe “, but in the end it is to be done to end Nanakuniyama hospital that there is a mother Satsuki is to discover Mae .

However , the question springs here , why , I wonder did not meet the mother Mei and Satsuki but went to the hospital for admission of mom ? And mom was saying a meaning “Now , I feel Mei and Satsuki like laughed to ” he said.

( Mei has died ) Satsuki can not find the Mei eventually be guessed from these matters , it might have been passed away for some reason also Satsuki ? Consent is get to the point of the story incomprehensible to think so .


My Neighbor Totoro is a story that was written by father ?

Urban legend Mei and Satsuki that have died is very famous , but the urban legend that story dad wrote there is also a story of My Neighbor Totoro as the spin-off . Dad talking to encounter strange animals moving in Sayama , Saitama , where to draw the story was the hero two daughters , daughter of Totoro to escape from the sadness that has lost two daughters . My Neighbor Totoro I was the father of all delusion so .


And What was the Totoro ?

There is a model to Totoro that appears in My Neighbor Totoro . It is a monster that troll that appears in the legend , such as in Europe. Totoro is drawn pretty , but the real troll is a scary monster . Is sometimes portrayed as a god of death sometimes . Mei and Satsuki than has become the prey of troll ? Urban legend to be interpreted as also present.


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